Hi there, I’m Shelby of Shelby Nickel Designs, but you can call me Sheebs. I’m so glad you’re here– If I had it my way, we’d be chatting over coffee right now (An Iced Caramel Macchiato for me, please), but alas, a paragraph or two will have to do. 

I’m the girl that shares her life story over “small talk”, makes best friends after one conversation and believes deeply in people’s dreams. I think a jam session to a Lil’ Wayne song can solve most problems and if all else fails a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream surely will. My dog Simba is my world– no other dog will ever match his personality and spunk. He proudly wears his gold-foiled collar I made in one of my DIY/ Gold-Foil- Everything kicks (which happens far more often than I’ll ever admit) and totally rocks it.

I picked up my first nib and brush my junior year of college with the idea that I could make unique (and inexpensive!) gifts and cards for friends. Well, little did I know where they would lead me. After months and months of friends telling me I needed to open up a store and one sick spell where I basically took over the dining room with my watercolors, I finally caved and Shelby Nickel Designs found a home on the internet. 


If we are being honest, though, I don’t think of myself as a small business owner or an artist primarily. If I could choose my title (which, perks of being a small biz owner, I can!) I would deem myself as a professional gift-giver. Each of my pieces is thoughtfully made and specially wrapped, just for you. I want you to feel valued and known each time you order a piece from me or work with me on a project, and I’ve found that when you put a brush in my hand, I can do just that.